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  • If I've co-authored a book with another author, how do we go about getting 50/50 royalties? Bear this in mind when you enter into Publishing partnerships with your friends, or fellow authors. Will your friendship stand the test of auditing Amazon payments, to ensure that you've received your due? Alternatively, perhaps you can set up a Kindle publishing account, into which you can both log-in. At least that way, you can always keep abreast of what's been paid out. Generally speaking, authors, as a group, tend to think that their publisher (or in this case, their retailer) didn't pay them everything that they were owed, so if you decide to jointly publish with someone else, keep this in mind. Set up all your accounts, agreements, etc., to address this almost inevitable scenario.

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  • of 2015, up from $9.25 an hour currently. The living wage is the minimum wage that a US up from $9.25 an hour currently. Amazon workers receive a $15 hourly wage.

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