Established 1929

Represents the Clubs that Comprise the PCL

The PCL meets monthly on the third Wednesday of the month from September to June with July and August off.
The league has twenty member clubs who send their delegates to discuss issues that affect sportsmen.

2023-2024 final host club schedule (Sept 20-2023)


2022 goal endorsed candidates PCL Districts
Jeff Diehl and Jay McMahon are endoresed for Gov and AG

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RFR DFW 2022 Predator Control on Coastal Islands in Buzzards Bay

Fur Free Plymouth Proposed By-Law

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Stand Up and Fight for Sportsmen’s Rights

Are you tired of being a second class citizen in your own state?
Are you tired of being targeted by the anti gun/anti sportsmen crowd?
Are you Tired of politicians in Massachusetts taking care of every special interest but sportsmen and women?
Are you willing to do something about it?
Will you write emails, text messages and phone calls when we need you?
We will facilitate and coordinate your efforts to make it easy to contact your rep.
We will identify important issues only and not abuse your time on trivial matters and fund raising.
If you help us we can move our issues at the state house.
Join the Mass Conservation Alliance email action group. Just click the link below.
We need your address to provide contact information for your State Rep and Senator.
We will not share the data you provide and you can drop out at any time.

If you join we will be able to get the word out instantly on priority issues.

Plymouth County League of Sportsmen
Paul Johnson, President
3 Laurie Lane, Carver, MA 02330-1398

April 17, 2020
Governor Charlie Baker
Massachusetts State House
24 Beacon Street Room 280
Boston, MA 02133

Dear Governor Baker,
I am Paul Johnson President of the Plymouth County League of Sportsmen. Our organization represents more than 18,000 sportsmen and women in Plymouth County and surrounding areas.
As we celebrate Patriots Day, we remind our elected officials of their responsibility to protect our civil rights during the current health emergency.
Sportsmen and women of our organization are concerned about your administrations perceived indifference to our rights, concerns and issues. We feel disenfranchised by recent actions closing our range and retailers. We request you work with Gun Owners Action League to rectify the discrimination that our community faces in the Commonwealth.
We request the following specific actions to address our civil rights concerns.
• Issue an emergency order extending all firearms licenses
• Re-classify firearms retailers as “essential” entities.
• Work with Gun Owners Action League to establish health related guidelines for ranges during the shutdown.
• Reactivate State Police safety training subject to reasonable protocols for health concerns.
• Require local licensing authorities to process new applications for firearms licensing subject to reasonable health related guidelines.
Finally, we ask that you seek common ground with Gun Owners Action League and stop working against the interests of the sporting community. You’ve worked hard to burnish your image as a politician that seeks common ground and civility. We have thus far not benefitted from those policies and hope that this will not be the case moving forward.
Paul Johnson

Rep Vieira and Senator Gobi Letter Supporting Range Openings

Rep David Vieira and senator Ann Gobi have written a letter on behalf of the Sportsmen’s Caucus asking the Baker Administration to “ask for your consideration in amending the Administration’s “COVID-19: Essential Services” designation to include firearm retailers and public shooting range facilities.”

In a state where discrimination of sportsmen and women has become commonplace it’s uplifting to have politicians step up to the plate and support us.

Please join with the Plymouth County League in thanking them for their efforts. Most importantly if you live in their district thank them with your vote and a campaign contribution. 

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PCL Executive Officers 2021

From Left to right:
Vise President Jim Smith, President Paul Johnson, Treasurer Dee Bonney and Secretary Ed Birch

Mission Statement

The purposes for which this league is organized are to conserve, restore and manage the fish, game and other wildlife and its habitat in Plymouth County and its environs, to seek to procure better hunting and fishing for sportsmen and women, to promote and maintain friendly relations between landowners and sportsmen, to cooperate in obtaining proper respect for and observance of  fish and game laws. to engage in activities necessary for the introduction and passage of laws which will favorably affect the above purposes, to promote closer cooperation in matters of common interest to member clubs, and to acquire, hold, maintain, use and dispose of such real and personal property as may be necessary and convenient to carry out the above purposes

Annual Banquet  Saturday  April 25, 2020  at Camp Kiwanee, 1 Camp Kiwanee Rd. ( Off Rt.58) Hanson, Mass. Cocktail hour at 6:00 pm Dinner at 7:00  pm
Tickets are $35.00 per person and tables seat 8. Contact Jim Smith at 508-888-8854 for tickets or additional information.