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Evaluating Brainly - Schoolwork Q&A Siya Raj Purohit While I was in high school, my friends and I used Yahoo Answers to get support on homework questions. In college, we used Chegg and Piazza. These services empowered us to learn beyond the classroom and made us less reliant on parents and friends. Four edtech entrepreneurs visited our HBS ETIE class last week to discuss their ventures and describe their product and business development processes. From this discussion, I learned about Brainly, a schoolwork Q&A startup that is trying to add a social element to existing solutions in the space. The startup has 30 million visitors per month, presence in 35+ countries, and $9m in funding. Those are very impressive numbers for a relatively young startup. While I wasn't able to find details on their average response time for questions, I assume it will be relatively low because of the number of active users. Here is my analysis of the product. Focus on Localization According to CEO Michal Borkowski, having a strong international presence is an important priority for the company. This focus is reflected in small design decisions on the platform. Each country's page has a different subject list (India has Hindi and Chemistry, but not Business, for example) and alternative prioritization order. This is a great start for the platform. In the future, they should add different images and perhaps change the design and language of the page to better fit the cultural nuances of each country. It is interesting that nearly 3x more questions have been asked in the United States than in India, either indicating lower adoption or a more recent introduction into the latter market. According to a recent article published in South America, Brianly country managers handle marketing, distribution, and moderator appointment in specific markets to successfully execute their local strategy. I was not able to find information about international partnerships but I'm sure they have approached local schools and parent groups to help bring them onto the platform. Unnecessary/Spam questions The biggest problem with Yahoo Answers is that its open nature creates a lack of accountability and allows for internet trolling. Brainly has tried to position itself as a moderated platform just for students and academic questions but because of the anonymity element and general question culture, the quality of posts is dubious. Most questions seem to be asked without much thought or are just spam. This sets a bad precedent for future questions and overtime, discourages members of the community from responding to questions that they feel are easy to Google. The reason Q&A platform Quora has been so successful is because it tied an individual's identity with their posts. Since that is difficult to do for elementary and middle school students, a greater filtering mechanism needs to be implemented. Brainly could also use this as an opportunity to teach younger students how to formulate a good question by providing helpful "hints" or examples when they begin typing out a question. Since new users self select their academic status, it will also be harder to prevent non-students from spamming on the platform if a stronger moderation infrastructure is not created. Ambiguous Monetization Plan TechCrunch writes that similar to most Silicon Valley startups, Brainly is yet to monetize its platform. "We have an awesome opportunity because we capture kids' attention at the optimum moment when they want to learn," he says. "Students come to Brainly when they both want and need to learn. We call this the 'stuck" moment, and we see huge power in it." From this, it can be assumed that Brainly wants to tie in different premium tutoring services or upsell students to appropriate online courses and content. InstaEdu (acquired by Chegg) is an online tutoring company that matches students who need help with online tutors, mostly university students. Tutors earned up to $20/hour tutoring and students paid on an on-demand basis. While this was relatively successful, Brainly will have trouble monetizing this way because the product so far only seems to contain one-off concept questions. While this may highlight a deeper concept issue that tutors may be able to address, it does not seem appropriate to have a tutor answer any of these questions in a more in-depth manner just yet. That can, however, change as the platform evolves over time. Conclusion Brainly has experienced remarkable growth in the past few years and has a good product. However, in order to become a social network, it needs to add more features and a greater "hook" than its current point system. Since the points don't translate into a real-life accolade (such as brand recognition on Quora), community members will not be as invested in it. Moreover, Brainly needs to encourage students to ask deeper questions so they can be connected to tutors to solve real pain points beyond these minor doubts. Having better questions would also enable Brainly to sort questions into sub-topics and add search functionality that will make its database more valuable. Finally, Brainly has a lot of competition from alternative platforms that don't have the traction the company currently does but have room for growth. Having a more differentiated offering with a greater "stickiness" factor will help Brainly emerge as a leading player in this space.

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