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A good way to make money on the side is to start an Etsy store. You can tried to keep up with the trends of the online marketing world, especially in the last
Search for questions, people, and topics Are there any benefits of fake reviews? Sort Profile photo for Liz Sammon Liz Sammon Retired RN, lesbian, Wiccan, been there, done that.Author has 4.9K answers and 3.9M answer views3y Related What are the worst examples of fake reviews? I don't know about fake reviews, but reviees that drive me nuts are ones that do not review the item, as in a review, say, a toaster: "I just got it, I have not opened the box yet" or "I have just turned it on, it seems to work great. Soon I will try making toast". For a restaurant "My friend said it is good, I am going next week". Like, wtf. Profile photo for Peter S. Magnusson Peter S. Magnusson Avid Amazon CustomerAuthor has 85 answers and 2.8M answer views7y Related What's a way to prove reviews are fake on the web? I rarely look at aggregate ratings at allow guidance, since reviews are indeed so easy to fake. I make a qualitative assessment: I jump in and look at the negative reviews that have the highest "helpful" ranking. if i see multiple one-stars that describe a similar set of issues, I will put great weight on that. then I'll read some of the 5-star reviews for contrast. I'll also consider the total amount of reviews to make sure the product has had a good "shake". amazon is trying to fight fake reviews in various ways, and it's much better there than elsewhere. but conversely, they have an annoying Profile photo for Deepanshi Chauhan Deepanshi Chauhan ORM & Digital Marketing Manager (2016–present)Author has 81 answers and 1.2M answer views1y Maybe you can benefits from fake reviews for an instance but not for too long. A proper Reviews Management process is needed, Reviews platforms are already aware of the fake reviews mechanism and then you got rejected for your review. You might need to take care of policies they are having to submit a review on the listing. Sometimes having negative reviews on your listing can decrea... Profile photo for Elizabeth Buchan-Kimmerly Elizabeth Buchan-Kimmerly Selling on eBay since 1998. Selling mail order since 1979.Author has 8.5K answers and 8.6M answer views3y Related What can be done about fake reviews? Where? On eBay? Reviews are about the product and are based on the buyer's opinion of a product they bought earlier, usually from another seller. These reviews will be added to many if not all similar products, not just to yours. You can call Customer Service and complain that the reviews attached to you listing are not related to the product you are selling . For example, if you are selling a Coach purse and the complaint is about a NineWest purse. If you mean Feedback, that is a specific buyer's opinion of a specific transaction with you. You can ask Customer Service to remove it, but the reason Profile photo for Chris Jordan Chris Jordan 7 Figure Amazon Seller & Founder Of FastLaneAcademy.comAuthor has 392 answers and 219.7K answer views3y Related How common are fake reviews on sites like Amazon? It is a massive problem for Amazon right now, primarily with the huge wave of Chinese sellers that entered the market over the last 24 months. Here's the rules. Amazon's terms of service forbids sellers to offer any compensation or discounts in exchange for reviews. Do a search in Facebook for Amazon review clubs or product testers, etc. Join those groups and see how many products are given away every day with a review required. Not only will that give you an idea of how big this problem is, you will see that a great majority of the sellers are from China. There are also black hat services in Ch Profile photo for Farbod Rohani Farbod Rohani Co-founder at Revioly (2019–present)11mo Related How common is buying fake reviews? Unfortunately, it's very common! As the competition grows, more and more businesses try to manipulate reviews by posting fake reviews on different platforms! Some industries like eCommerce are the biggest victim of these actions. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of Facebook and WhatsApp groups that refund you what you pay for products in return for your 5-star rating and reviews! It also goes both positive and negative. Some businesses hire people just to leave negative reviews for their competitors! The best example is my previous business in which we received a bunch of 1–2 stars reviews Profile photo for Sowjanya Pedada Sowjanya Pedada I Write to Tell Stories and Convey My ThoughtsAuthor has 127 answers and 52.9K answer viewsJan 25 Related How do I spot a fake review? There's more to it than you think. Which kind of fake reviews are you talking about? Is it for some course, or product you buy online? If it's the case, here's how you can find it out - Read the review carefully and look for the tone, word choice, spelling mistakes or the structure. Most probably, the person who gives a review doesn't focus on keeping his review perfect. Infact he only focuses on his thoughts and experiences. So if you see an amazing review, that has no errors in grammar, spelling, word structure or language, you can sense something is fishy (but remember, not all good reviews are fake) Don't limit your search wi Profile photo for Shreya Taparia Shreya Taparia Softieons Technologies is an digital marketing and web site11mo Related How do I recognize and remove fake reviews? Start recognizing by general steps like: Check and examine the commentors' name and profile. Check how frequently they are giving feedback. Check the feedback they are giving, like is it valuable or not. Check if they are not referring other business. Pay attention to the words they are using. Disclaimer: WHO ARE WE? Softieons Technologies is an enterprise web and digital marketing agency that has carved a niche for itself by offering innovative, logical, and highly responsive web and IT solutions. We are a full-fledged information technology solutions provider agency that delivers up-to-date digital Profile photo for Jack Lion Heart Jack Lion Heart Worked at Yelp (product)Upvoted by Luther Lowe , works at Yelp and Oliver Nicholas , worked at YelpAuthor has 315 answers and 1.5M answer viewsUpdated 12y Related What percentage of Yelp reviews are fake? Originally Answered: What fraction of Yelp reviews are fake? I handled the spam filter at Yelp for a little while, but I no longer work there. The answer to this question varies substantially by category and location. There are definitely specific areas, categories, and even individual businesses that have way more fake reviews than others. Among the (sometimes conflicting) factors that affect this: business owners in certain locations (and the Bay Area especially) are more aware of the power of Yelp, and Yelp has a bigger impact on their business the marginal impact of a few fake reviews is lessened for businesses with lots of legit reviews the marginal i Profile photo for Trishul Patel Trishul Patel Entrepreneur and Angel InvestorAuthor has 440 answers and 880.8K answer views9y Related How does Yelp identify fake reviews? There are a number of factors the algorithm monitors and looks out for based on a couple people who shared some information with me. 1. The process begins when the user logins for the very first time. Does the user use Facebook sign on or email? 2. Does the user invite friends from their gmail account? 3. Does the user connect with friends from their FB account? 4. When they first sign-on do they browse and look for restaurants or do they immediately go to a specific restaurant and write a 5 star review. 5. The algorithm will look at the weighted average of the restaurant and then look at your hist Profile photo for Shulex VOC Shulex VOC Specialized in Amazon Review AnalyticsAuthor has 247 answers and 1M answer viewsUpdated 7mo Related What percentage of Amazon reviews are fake? There is no definitive answer to this question, but there is evidence that some Amazon reviews are fake. A study carried out by a private institution found that more than 50% of reviews for popular products on Amazon may be fake. However, it's important to keep in mind that this is just one study with a limited sample size. It's also worth noting that Amazon has taken steps to reduce the number of fake reviews on its site. So while there may be some fake reviews out there, it's likely that most of them are real. There are a few methods you can use to identify fake reviews on Amazon. One method Profile photo for Liz Brautigan Liz Brautigan Former Business OwnerAuthor has 461 answers and 202.6K answer views4y Related What is Amazon doing with the flood of Fake reviews in the last 1 year? I keep reading questions about Amazon and "fake reviews" and I just don't really understand all the questions. Maybe it's the products I order, however, I have always found the reviews to be pretty much on target. I think you have to evaluate each review on its own merits as one review doesn't always equal another. I look for specific things in a review that help me to determine if the reviewers answer is going to be relevant to my situation/needs. Profile photo for S.White S.White Convenience Store Assistant ManagerAuthor has 998 answers and 257.8K answer views8mo Related Can websites put fake reviews? Of course! 99% of them are fake. However, you can trust MY review: Have you ever wondered how aliens from outer space can visit the earth so easily? Have you ever wanted to visit THEIR planets? Now, thanks to White's Intergalactic Travel Agency, you can visit any planet you want to. Simply mail your driver's license, all of your credit cards, your ID's, and Passwords to: White's Intergalactic Travel Agency PO Box 1 Alientown, Nigeria An alien with a flying saucer will visit you within 14 days. Bill J: I visited Krypton and returned with seven tons of solid gold. Profile photo for Jeff Nielson Jeff Nielson eBay Sales at 100% of over 500 Feedbacks. (1999–present)Author has 447 answers and 1.4M answer views3y Related Everyone knows that many 5* reviews are fake- paid for by the seller- but what about the 1* reviews? Are a lot of them fake and paid for by competitors? Here is what I have noticed about Amazon reviews over many years... In the following, I am talking about mass produced products from major companies, like vitamins, supplements, some electronics.... A great many positive Verified Purchase Reviews of bad products are obviously written by employees of the companies that make the products and the sellers who sell them. You can tell, because they are often written in a hurry, and when you check the review history, you find out they have written five reviews, tops. Often only one or two other reviews! Meanwhile, lot of negative reviews on very good produ Profile photo for Jeffrey Summers Jeffrey Summers Principal, Summers Hospitality Group, Hospitality ConsultingAuthor has 4.3K answers and 970.4K answer views4y Related How do you spot fake reviews? Do companies even take the time to fake a review? Fake reviews are any review that does not have the actual person's name attached to it. Related questions How common are fake reviews? What are the consequences of fake reviews? How do I check any website for fake or paid for reviews? Can you make fake reviews? What are fake reviews? What percentage of reviews are fake? What are some indications that can help distinguish a fake review from a real review of a business? How do you avoid fake reviews? What are the reasons for the increase in fake reviews online? Is it legal for businesses to post fake reviews? Is it legal for a company to pay for fake reviews on its products? What are some examples of fake reviews on Google? What is an example of a business being affected by a bad/fake review? How do I spot a fake review about a product, course, person, etc.? Is it illegal to sell fake reviews? What is the most effective way not to get fooled by fake reviews? Related questions How common are fake reviews? What are the consequences of fake reviews? How do I check any website for fake or paid for reviews? Can you make fake reviews? What are fake reviews? What percentage of reviews are fake? 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