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Is Amazon Flex Worth It? (2023) – Driver Pay, Requirements, & What To Expect posted on March 1, 2023 This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more information. If you want to make extra money, working as an Amazon Flex driver might seem like a great idea. This side hustle involves delivering Amazon packages and to people in your city. You get to schedule yourself for deliveries and can earn anywhere from $18 to $25 per scheduled hour. But, Amazon Flex is just one of many gig apps out there, and the delivery process is quite different from most driving gigs. So, is Amazon Flex worth it? And, how much can you realistically expect to earn as an Amazon Flex driver? Our Amazon Flex review is covering everything you need to know, from Amazon Flex pay to deciding whether or not you should start delivering for them. Let's dive in! Want to try other money-making ideas? Checkout: Branded Surveys: Share your opinion to get PayPal cash and gift cards! Uber Eats: Start making money by delivering with Uber Eats! What Is Amazon Flex? Amazon Flex is Amazon's delivery service that lets gig workers deliver, Amazon Fresh, and Prime Now packages to customers with their own vehicle. The platform began in 2015 and is available in the United States, Canada, and several other countries. Amazon-Flex-driver According to Amazon, you get to schedule yourself for delivery blocks so you can work whenever you have extra time. You also earn $18 to $25 per schedule hour so it's a fairly high-paying gig economy job. All you need is your smartphone and a working vehicle that's a mid-sized sedan or larger to start delivering packages for money. Overall, Amazon Flex seems quite lucrative for drivers. However, unlike other gig jobs like delivering for DoorDash or Instacart, Amazon Flex has a trickier sign-up process and delivery process. Is Amazon Flex Worth It? Amazon Flex is worth working for if you want a flexible side gig that pays around $20 per hour on average. It's also a good side gig if your vehicle is fuel efficient and you prefer delivering packages instead of delivering food or being a rideshare driver. The bottom line is that Amazon Flex pays more than minimum wage on average and doesn't require previous experience, a degree, or any particular skills. Just note that you have to file your own taxes, track your income and expenses, and report all of this accurately since you're an independent contractor. Also, know that Amazon Flex blocks are competitive, so how much work you get per week can vary. This means Amazon Flex isn't worth it if: You're looking for a full-time job You want to work whenever you feel like it You don't have a reliable vehicle or don't enjoy driving Again, gig jobs like Instacart and DoorDash let you go online and work whenever you want, so Amazon Flex has a slightly more rigid delivery structure. But, if you want to make around $20 an hour on average by delivering packages, Amazon Flex is worth it. How Does Amazon Flex Work? Amazon Flex works in six simple steps: Meet the Amazon Flex driver requirements Sign up to become an Amazon Flex driver Schedule delivery blocks Pick up packages for delivery Complete your deliveries Get paid If these steps aren't completely clear, don't worry: we're covering how Amazon Flex works for drivers in more detail down below. 1. Meet Amazon Flex Driver Requirements Amazon Flex driver requirements include: Living in a city where Amazon Flex operates Being at least 21 years old Having a valid U.S. driver's license Having a mid-sized or larger vehicle (minimum = 4 door midsize sedan) Have an iPhone or Android smartphone Amazon-Flex-RequirementsThe vehicle requirement means you can't make money delivering with a bike, motorcycle, scooter, or small car. Additionally, Amazon Flex doesn't constantly hire drivers in every city, which is one downside of this side hustle. You can view a list of Amazon Flex cities on its website, and the list usually includes a few dozen cities at a given time. If your city isn't hiring, you can join the Amazon Flex waitlist with your email to get a notification when hiring resumes. 2. Sign Up For Amazon Flex To sign up for Amazon Flex, head over to and press the "let's drive" button on the front page. You can also sign up on your phone if you download the Amazon Flex driver app and follow the in-app instructions. Amazon-Flex-app The cool part about Amazon Flex is that you can use your Amazon account to complete registration faster by using the same credentials. Once you fill out your basic information (name, birthday, email, etc.), Amazon Flex also asks about your delivery preferences. This lets you enter the areas you prefer to deliver in and where you prefer to pick up packages, which is a nice feature. After you fill out your basic information, you enter tax and payment information. You also consent to a background check for your driving and criminal record. 3. Schedule Delivery Blocks It can take a few weeks to process your information an for your Amazon Flex background check results to come back. After approval, you can start scheduling shifts on Amazon Flex, known as "blocks," to finally start driving. The Amazon Flex driver app has a section called "Upcoming Offers" and this is where you schedule delivery blocks. Delivery blocks are essentially sections of time throughout the day that you can reserve for completing deliveries. Many blocks also show how much you're going to get paid, which is a massive perk to working for Amazon Flex versus some gig apps where you don't know your exact earnings until after a delivery. Amazon-Flex-blocks When you see a delivery block that you can commit to, select the offer and "swipe to schedule" to lock in your reservation request. Amazon Flex states most blocks are between 2 to 4 hours, but you can sometimes schedule yourself for multiple blocks in a day. Once you book a block, an orange dot appears on the in-app calendar to help remind you that you have deliveries coming up. You can also utilize filters to show you blocks that match your schedule. For example, you might only want a morning shift on a Wednesday, so you can filter things like "time of day" and "maximum hours for the day." If you have an emergency and need to cancel a delivery block, you can select "Forfeit Block" in your calendar no less than 45 minutes before the block starts. Any sooner than that and you can receive a penalty for late cancellation and might get deactivated from Amazon Flex. Unfortunately, you can't just decide to leave the house whenever you feel like it to make deliveries. However, scheduling blocks can be done on the same day sometimes, so the scheduling is still very flexible. 4. Pick Up Packages for Deliveries Working for Amazon Flex is a bit different from jobs like DoorDash because you pick up all of your packages first and then make deliveries. This is actually a preference for some people because it means you do less driving around between restaurants and drop-off locations. Usually, you pick up your packages at an Amazon warehouse or delivery stations. The Amazon Driver app helps you navigate to the pickup location, and from there, an Amazon warehouse worker or employee helps you get the packages you're responsible for delivering that block. There are a few different types of packages you can pick up depending on your car size, offers, and a few other factors Here are the different types of packages you can deliver for Amazon Flex: packages: Pickup regular packages and deliver them (delivery blocks usually between 3-6 hours) Prime Now packages: Pickup household items and deliver them (delivery blocks usually between 2-4 hours) Amazon Fresh: Pickup groceries and deliver them (delivery blocks usually between 2-4 hours) Store Orders: Pickup orders from local stores and deliver them (delivery blocks usually between 2-4 hours) Instant Offers: These are deliveries that start near your location (delivery blocks usually between 15-45 minutes) make-Amazon-Flex-deliveries Most deliveries are for orders or Prime Now, but you can still get the other three delivery types. Overall, this package variety and the warehouse pickup process are two main differences between working for Amazon Flex and most delivery gigs. 5. Complete Deliveries After you pick up your packages for your block, you're ready to complete deliveries! Like other delivery apps, the Amazon Flex app has an in-app map that helps you navigate to each drop-off location. Note that packages have a number on them that indicate the order you should deliver them in (i.e. – package 11 needs to be delivered before package 17.) So, when loading your vehicle, try to place the packages you're delivering first so that they're easily accessible. As you make deliveries, you scan every package you're delivering and pick the dropoff type within the app. Common dropoff options include: Front door Rear door In another safe location With reception With a household member Packages outline what type of dropoff you should make, and you either take a photo of the package waiting outside or record the name of the person you delivered to. Overall, the process should be quite smooth, and Amazon tries to give you a reasonable number of packages so you don't exceed block time. If you exceed block time, you can contact Amazon Flex driver support to ask for a pay adjustment. But this doesn't usually work unless a delay at the pickup location is what caused you to exceed block time. In any case, if you can't deliver a package for any number of reasons, you can return it back to the original Amazon delivery station that you picked it up from or contact driver support for guidance through the app. 6. Get Paid The final and best part about delivering for Amazon Flex is getting paid! Amazon Flex schedules payments for Tuesdays and Fridays of every week. Drivers get paid through direct deposit and funds reach your bank account about 1-2 days from when the payment was processed. Amazon-Flex-earnings This is how your Amazon Flex earnings appear. In other words, you're likely to see your money show up in your bank account on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but things like bank holidays can affect this once in a while. Unlike most gig economy apps, Amazon pays out twice a week instead of once per week. This can make Amazon Flex worth it for you if you need to get paid more frequently. Tips are usually deposited between 1-2 days after the tip was received. Drivers can also receive cash tips but this is quite uncommon. Note that if you ever see a price range on a block (i.e. $35-$50), that's because Amazon Flex is accounting for tips, with the minimum earning potential being $35. Not all deliveries are eligible for tips and they're pretty uncommon unless you're delivering groceries. How Much Does Amazon Flex Pay? One of the main factors in deciding if Amazon Flex is worth it or not is your hourly pay. According to Amazon Flex, you can earn $18 to $25 per scheduled hour. Amazon also states "actual earnings will depend on your location, any tips you receive, how long it takes you to complete your deliveries, and other factors." So, what do some other sources say about Amazon Flex driver pay? Well, according to a salary website like Indeed, the average hourly rate for an Amazon Flex driver is $20.64 in the U.S. Glassdoor, another popular salary website, averages around $19 per hour in the U.S. for Amazon Flex workers. Amazon-Flex-Salaries These websites take a ton of cities into consideration and has data from lots of Amazon Flex drivers, so it helps find a pretty accurate estimate. Amazon Flex Pros & Cons To summarize everything we've gone over today, a simple pros and cons list can help you see everything in a simple format. This might help you decide if Amazon Flex is worth it or not! Amazon Flex Pros Some of the main benefits of being an Amazon Flex driver include: High hourly pay (around $20 per hour) Payments are sent out twice per week Pick up all your delivery packages at once Available in every U.S. state and several countries Lenient sign-up requirements Amazon Flex Cons Consider some of these disadvantages when working for Amazon Flex: You can't work whenever you want to Scheduling blocks can be competitive You have to be 21 or older to apply Amazon Flex doesn't actively hire in every market As an independent contractor, you have to factor in gas expenses and vehicle depreciation The bottom line is this is a delivery gig that pays around $20 per hour, so it's definitely on the higher-end of most gig jobs! Other Amazon Flex Reviews Another excellent way to tell if working for Amazon Flex is worth it is to see what active drivers say online. Take a look at what some real Amazon Flex workers are saying on Reddit: mgl323 says: "Los Angeles logistics here. Currently making $600-700 a week working just about 30 hrs (with standard rates and surge rates mixed in) because sometimes I take the weekends off." Dogrug says: "I made $1000 last week. I work full time during the week, 8-5, do one shift in the evenings and then two on Saturday and Sunday." "If you have a car with good gas mileage, you'll make around $15/hr after expenses barring any major vehicle maintenance expenses. I've had more flat tire issues since starting." DeliveryAppGrinding says: "$1000-$1500 Week NYC." RealBoomBap says: "If you have a car with good gas mileage, you'll make around $15/hr after expenses barring any major vehicle maintenance expenses. I've had more flat tire issues since starting." Amazon-Flex-Reviews-RedditAccording to what real users are saying, the average hourly rate depends on factors like location, mileage, and delivery speed. However, the users above made around $23, $20, and $15 respectively. Once again, the number always seems to ride that $20 per hour mark. This Amazon Flex review from YouTuber Your Drive Mike also shares insights on if Amazon Flex is worth it in 2023 and beyond or not: In summary, it depends on where you are and who you ask, but the average Amazon Flex driver pay is around $20 per hour according to every source. Extra Reading – How To Make $500 By Tomorrow. Other Jobs Like Amazon Flex If you're stuck on a waitlist or want to try some Amazon Flex alternatives, you're in luck. There are numerous driving jobs like Amazon Flex that pay you for making deliveries: DoorDash: Deliver fast food and restaurant orders as a DoorDash courier! Instacart: Deliver groceries for people as an Instacart Shopper and earn around $15 to $20+ per hour. Steady: Find local cash gigs and side hustles with the free Steady app. GoShare: Complete local and long-distance deliveries for people and businesses to get paid. Roadie: Like GoShare, Roadie pays you for completing deliveries for people and businesses nearby or out-of-state. Shipt: A leading grocery delivery gig you can do alongside Amazon Flex. Uber Eats: Make money delivering food as an Uber Eats driver. Cornershop: Another grocery delivery gig like Instacart. ParaWorks: A newer package delivery gig that can pay around $25 per hour. Gopuff: This gig pays you for delivering food, snacks, and everyday essentials to people in your city. become-Instacart-shopper It's hard to live off of DoorDash, Amazon Flex, or any of these delivery gigs. But these gigs are effective ways to supplement your income and make more money in your spare time. Extra Reading – How To Make Money With A Truck – The Best Methods. Who Should Work For Amazon Flex? At the end of the day, Amazon Flex is worth it if you want to make more than minimum wage, set your own hours, and don't mind driving. If you need to replace your main source of income, Amazon Flex isn't a good fit since you probably won't get enough blocks. But, to make a few hundred bucks a month, Amazon Flex is pretty solid. And you can read our post on the best Amazon Flex driver tips for advice on how to maximize your income. Extra Reading – The Best Jobs You Can Do With Your Phone. Final Thoughts There's no doubt that gig economy jobs and delivery services are experiencing massive amounts of growth right now. But is Amazon Flex worth it? In all honesty, I think it can be a fun side hustle that can supplement a lot of monthly expenses. You can also mix in other popular delivery gigs like DoorDash and Instacart so you have enough work to cover you each week if you need more hours. Just keep in mind that it requires a decent amount of hours to make a lot with this gig and that things like wear and tear can eat into your profits. Aside from that, there's no harm in giving it a try to see how it goes! Good luck on your deliveries! Looking for other side hustles to make extra money? Checkout: Amazon-Flex Name: Amazon Flex Description: Amazon Flex pays you for delivering Amazon packages to customers. Drivers can earn $18 to $25 per scheduled hour. Operating System: Android, iOS Application Category: Gig Economy Jobs Author: Tom Blake DoorDash Disclaimer: Start Dashing today: Subject to background check and availability. Dash anytime: Subject to availability.

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The company added that it systematically detected and blocked over 94 million reviews and over 170 million ratings from publication for failing to meet moderation standards in 2021. An additional 610,000 reviews were also removed after publication based on customer concern submissions and additional human evaluation. The Apple App store and Google Play are both failing to prevent fake and suspicious reviews infiltrating their platforms, according to Which?. E-commerce is a booming business, but not all reviews about services, products and the company are positive. When the customer or client is left to provide these, the variety of one to five stars could be unpredictable. It may be beneficial to hire someone to write a review that appears to be an ordinary customer that purchased something from the website. Others could be mystery shoppers, and some persons may have been in the store that were hired to write an online review about the experience in the physical building. Whichever of these individuals are hired, it is important for the company to know if having someone paid to provide these online services is legal or if it violates certain regulations. The internet is plagued with paid advertising, custom announcements and paid reviews by companies seeking to broaden a customer base by showing the public a positive review of a product, service or the company itself. This has been considered ethically questionable tactics by business experts and customers seeking information about a company. However, provided the ads and analyses are not full of baseless claims, false data and untrue facts, it may be legal to pay someone or another company for a review about the products and services offered online. This means that a small fee is paid to an individual to give a shining review about something for the business. paid to play tiktok. This is
The company added that it systematically detected and blocked over 94 million reviews and over 170 million ratings from publication for failing to meet moderation standards in 2021. An additional 610,000 reviews were also removed after publication based on customer concern submissions and additional human evaluation. The Apple App store and Google Play are both failing to prevent fake and suspicious reviews infiltrating their platforms, according to Which?.

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