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do you get paid for vto at amazon? --- jdormit I don't have any specific experience with Amazon's vto, but from my experience, you don't get paid for vto at Amazon, and you can only use the free tier. ------ mjcohen Amazon's own vto has some really interesting benefits for those of us who are not Amazon Prime members. For instance, Amazon Prime members have a lot more free stuff (like AmazonBasics, AmazonFresh, etc.) and you can use them to get free shipping. I'm not sure if you can use the vto for AmazonBasics, but if you're interested in trying it out, I'd definitely give it a shot. --- danielrhodes You can use it to get free shipping, but you'll have to pay for it. --- mjcohen That's not really true. The free shipping is only available for Prime members. If you don't have Prime, you can use the free shipping on the non-Prime members. --- danielrhodes The free shipping is only available for Prime members. That is a lie. --- mjcohen It is. ------ nostromo I'm glad that I'm not in the US, but this seems to be a pretty big scam. The way I read it, you're essentially paying for a discount, and you get that discount at the end of the month. --- danielrhodes It's not a scam, it's just a way for Amazon to give you a discount. It's not like AmazonBasics or AmazonFresh are free. --- nostromo I think you topic:do you get paid for vto at amazon article: The Amazon Web Services service that runs the internet has said it will no longer pay its employees to provide the software.The move follows an investigation by the US Department of Justice into how the company runs the business.Amazon said that it had agreed to a settlement agreement that allows the employees to opt out.The settlement covers about 40 employees at the Seattle-based company, which is headquartered in Seattle.It covers up to three years of service, and no more than four years in salary.Under the terms of the settlement, employees will also be allowed to seek compensation for "any other time they are not working on Amazon's product development."Under Amazon's pay scheme, Amazon will give out cash to eligible employees to purchase products or rent equipment, and the company will also offer the employees shares.However, Amazon will also provide employees with stock options, in exchange for performance-based incentives.The company said it has agreed to pay the workers for three years and a half.The US Department of Justice is investigating whether Amazon violated federal employment laws by not paying them a salary, and it said the company violated laws requiring fair compensation for employees who are injured or leave the company.Amazon said it would no longer pay employees based on performance, or on a performance-based salary, if a complaint was filed.The investigation is the first major issue that Amazon has raised in the wake of the FBI investigation, which was launched after former Amazon executive Jeff Bezos sold his company for $970m.Mr Bezos bought the company for $970m in 2013 for $250m in cash and stock.The company was founded in 2002, and the move sparked a series of controversies. It had been a free-for-all for software developers. Mr Bezos' company, which makes online retailing software, was one of the first to take on Amazon. Mr Bezos had already sold Amazon's popular online book and e-book store to Amazon for $1,100m.He later became chairman and chief executive, and was later ousted in a shakeup of the company.

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