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1. The Lords of Salem (2012) Zombie's best movie follows a radio DJ (Sheri Moon Zombie) in💷 Salem, Mass., as she unwittingly encounters a coven of witches through nightmares, visions, and hypnotic music.
Rob Zombie's House Of 1000 Corpses💷 is a lot to sit through, and at times is a victim of its own overly zany ambition. Nevertheless, it's💷 the first stepping stone in the path of one of the most fascinating and talented directorial careers in the industry,💷 and is a completely batshit mental curiosity in its own right.

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As civilization advances, transportation becomes more

convenient, but also a growing problem in our daily lives. Large communities often

struggle💹 with traffic congestion due to the increasing number of vehicles and

deteriorating road conditions. But can anything be done? Enter💹 Traffic Jam 3D, a game

that puts you on a busy road where you must navigate through the traffic as💹 quickly as

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