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Amazon's recent DSP contract, and the policy it requires those companies to follow, includes several provisions shielding the retailer from liability or further embarrassment. DSPs are required to have policies on "employment at-will," the discretion of management to fire workers for almost any reason or with no stated reason at all. To meet the task, Amazon turns to two groups of drivers: Amazon Flex workers, who like their Uber or Instacart counterparts are classified as independent contractors exempt from U.S. employment laws; and DSP drivers, who are classified as employees of local logistics companies. Amazon started the DSP program in 2018, pitching it as a way to support small entrepreneurs.
so many fake reviews on amazon. --- toyg I've had a similar experience. ------ gokhan I've been working with some of the people who have written the books in the past and I am pretty sure that this is just an issue with Amazon's platform and that they will correct the issue soon. --- toyg I think it is. I have been trying to buy from amazon for a few months now and I've had no luck at all. --- kartickv Same here. The only reason I'm not selling on amazon is because I don't have any friends with amazon. ------ bogomipz I was thinking the same thing and tried to buy a book from amazon but no luck. I don't know if it's just me or amazon is really bad with book reviews? --- toyg I've never tried to buy from amazon, but I have been buying books from other websites and they have all been terrible. I've never bought anything from Amazon. --- mikeash Amazon's website has an "about" page, which is a good place to start if you don't want to spend time trying to find a seller's page. --- toyg I've never seen that page. --- mikeash The About page is just a list of the book's authors. It's not like Amazon has an "about" page for the book itself. ------ pbreit It's not that Amazon is bad with reviews, it's that Amazon is bad with Amazon's own reviews. ------ mikeash It's probably just Amazon. I've had the same experience with s topic:so many fake reviews on amazon article: It's not just Amazon and other big retailers that are doing it, it's been happening to me with my other Amazon purchases too. The most obvious culprit is This site is the main outlet for most of my online shopping, and I have a high tolerance for it. But it's been sending me messages, not to mention other reviews, to complain about things. I can't do anything about it. The only thing I can do is take the items I buy and throw them in the trash. It's not that they're rubbish, but that they're not worth keeping around," she says. I asked Amazon if it was trying to make people happy, and the company pointed out that in the UK and US, it charges a flat £1.99 per item. I was shocked. It turns out that a little research reveals that a lot of the reviews on are fake – and that in many cases the reviews are written by people with low or no social standing. In fact, some reviews are written by people who are not even in the UK, who may have little to do with the product being reviewed. The real deal is that they're writing about the product, or a related product. reviews: not all fake. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images The problem is that Amazon is now trying to control the way it reviews. Its new site for buying products lists products by categories and is supposed to show you the best bargains. It has also created new categories for shoppers. It's a brilliant move. is the biggest online retailer in the world, with more than 2bn products on its bookshelf. It has the clout to make its own decision, and is well placed to take on the big retailers who have set up shop on its platform. But as it becomes more powerful, its dominance in the UK is eroding. Amazon is now more like a retailer than a product seller. It is, in effect, a platform for sellers, and sellers are now competing with each other for the attention of its customers. As a result, consumers are turning to Amazon more and more often, and the reviews that they are reading are becoming more personalised. "I think they are becoming more sophisticated," says Paul. "I think they are looking for

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