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With over 180,000 audiobooks and more to choose from, Audible has something for everyone. And their free 30-day trial memberships let you offer it to them for free. How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling: 12 Creative Ways
audiobooks recording for amazon and get paid for it, I get a cut from every amazon book I sell, I get my own amazon account, I am selling for a pittance to Amazon, it would take me at least a few years to work up the amount of money I need for my own amazon account, I would need to start by selling only ebooks for amazon, and then once I have that, I would sell other audiobooks to amazon, and then I would work up to a few ebooks at a time. If you are reading this, you are probably an avid audiobook user, and if you are not, you are going to be a long time, long way from this information, so I am not even going to go into detail on the amount of money you could make, or if you are already a paid amazon audiobook seller. So why would you want to go this route? If you are trying to do this as a hobby, you can easily quit the audiobooks business and earn a good income. If you really want to do this for yourself, I would suggest reading this article about how to do it on your own, and then you can work out the rest on your own. I would not recommend starting out by buying audiobooks from Amazon because of the way Amazon processes orders, but you can still make the whole process go very smoothly. I am not saying you should do this, and I am not saying you should do this as a hobby either, because you will not get rich. However, I am suggesting that you read this article first, and then do it yourself. What is your level of satisfaction with audiobooks? What are your preferred genres of audiobooks? Are you an avid reader, or do you like listening to the same things as me? Feel free to leave a comment below, and share your thoughts about audiobooks, and also feel free to email me at I love hearing from you! audiobooks recording for amazon and get paid £500 for free food. A MISCIGRAPERS recorded for a second time that their dogs will only be paid for. 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